Southern Culture On The Skids with Emily Rose & the Rounders

Southern Culture On The Skids with Emily Rose & the Rounders

June 14th 2023, 8:00 pm

Doors: 7:00 PM  //  Show: 8:00 PM

Ages: 21 +
Dinner Tables +Dance Floor


Southern Culture On The Skids has been consistently recording and touring around the world since its inception in 1983, when Rick Miller was a grad student at UNC-Chapel Hill. The current lineup (Dave Hartman – drums; Mary Huff – bass and vocals; Rick Miller – guitar and vocals) has been playing together for over 30 years. The band’s musical journey has taken them from all-night NC house parties to late night network talk shows, and from performing at the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan to rockin’ out for the inmates at NC Correctional Facilities. Their music has been featured in movies and TV, and used to sell everything from diamonds to pork sausage, and their legendary live shows are a testament to the therapeutic powers of foot-stomping, butt-shaking rock and roll.

SCOTS’ DIY roots go all the way back to the days of making cassette demos in the dirt floor basement of the original band house. “It was a beat down house we found in the woods, covered in kudzu vines”, Rick recalls. “We hunkered down there and came up with the sound and ideas we’ve been refining and tweaking ever since; a blue plate special of musical genres, all mixed together to give up new flavors and combinations.” 

Emily Rose & The Rounders

Emily Rose and the Rounders (formerly the Blue Rose Rounders) are a traditional country outfit from Los Angeles, California. After the dissolution of singer/songwriter Emily Rose Epstein’s old country band and on the tail end of her Saturn return and a near full on mental breakdown, she recruited a few old friends to play the songs she wrote to nurse her broken heart. Fans of sad songs, waltzes and a kicker or two, the Rounders serve country up in the tradition of George Jones, Patsy Cline and Waylon Jennings without looking too far into the past for inspiration. The Rounders songs touch on grief, regret, lost love, (all) female empowerment, nihilism, in hopes that even in the darkest of times we can dance and sing and find a way out.