Dark Dazey / Glenn Annie / Golf Alpha Bravo

Dark Dazey / Glenn Annie / Golf Alpha Bravo

September 16th 2022, 8:30 pm

Doors: 7:30 PM   //  Show: 8:30 PM 
Ages: 21 + 
Call SOhO for Dinner Reservations: 805-962-7776 ext 6

Dark Dazey is an independent, LA-based psych-rock band with a flare for genre bending. Together, this council of audio fiends and soundscape magicians fuse aesthetics from metal, punk, jazz, and country  seamlessly into a modern and unique psychedelic rock framework.

They excel on the live stage, breathing new life into their lush studio recordings and roping the audience in on the way. Count on beautiful and often haunting harmonies, face melting guitar riffs, and high intensity jams all in the spirit of theatrical fun. Throughout the show, Dazey invites the audience aboard for any number of communal activities from clapping and crouching to demonic chanting and sticking it to the NRA. It’s groovy, boisterous, and no one is having more fun than the band.

 Glenn Annie

Santa Barbara’s own Glenn Annie is a fresh ensemble with an affinity for music from time past. With recent performances in Santa Barbara, the group plays original songs collected on their debut album release “Nite Tan.” From melodic sing-songs to groove-driven dancing tunes— the music has an eclectic sound that is freshly tailored. Glenn Annie is reminiscent of early 70’s pop-rock, with live shows that stand up to their recordings and more.

 Golf Alpha Bravo

Golf Alpha Bravo is the adopted moniker of Australian singer/guitarist  Gab Winterfield. His is a unique brand of Surf Blues—a siren to a childhood of growing up on the coast of Sydney Australia: an eternal loop of surf, skate, Frusciante and Hendrix…


Gab began his career at 16, signing his first record deal and cutting his first LP with Universal/Modular with highschool band ‘Gh9stw99d’ 


He would then graduate high school, and move on to form Jagwar Ma as lead singer and guitarist, which would open the world to Gab—touring alongside fellow Aussie’s Tame Impala, Foals and noteworthy festival performances at Coachella and Glastonbury, ACL among others. 


In his final form, Golf Alpha Bravo uncovers a new authenticity.

Stripped of any embellishment, Golf Alpha Bravo presents live as a a classic trio. Gab sings and plays guitar accompanied with bass and drums.


Wavey verbed up guitar tones, dissolve into gravelling howls from the guitar amid mid- and up-tempo grooves & melodic bass lines; Pooling together to create a cool colored collage, reviving the essence of groove from our collective stone age.