Headless Household

Inside/Outside USA 25th Anniversary

Headless Household

Wed 3.20.19

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:30 pm


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This event is all ages

Headless Household
Headless Household
In the Headless world, jazz meets rock, funk, country/avant-Americana, torch songs, experimental ventures and outbursts, and other inklings, and kicks up some brainy-party dust. Onstage this time: the core unit of Dick Dunlap, Tom Lackner, Joe Woodard and Tom Buckner, bassist Brendan Statom (making his debut with the Household!), vocalist Nicole Lvoff and harmonica master Tom Ball.
Familiar faces and voices appear on Balladismo, released in August of 2015 and sent into the world with a concert at Center Stage last September. The guest list includes ace tenor saxist Buckner and internationally-known alto saxist Dave Binney, trumpeter/vocalist Nate Birkey, guest vocalists Glen Phillips and Julie Christensen, bassist David Piltch, violinist Sally Barr, pedal steel man Bill Flores, and a new member of the Household family, the wonderful and flexible singer Lvoff.

Santa Barbara’s Headless Household celebrates 25 years of criminal neglect with a wonderful double album, Basemento (Household Ink). Come for “This, That…,” guitarist Joe Woodard’s song-oriented SoCal strip-mall blend of jazzy bossa nova and Bakersfield country laments (i.e., “Jobim Meets Jim Beam”). But stay for “…The Other,” a disk’s worth of some of the smartest and friendliest psychedelic jazz you’ll ever snuggle up to. Guest saxophonist Dave Binney applies the hot sauce liberally to these nine smart, incisive sonic meditations encompassing everything from British progressives like Henry Cow, gnarly New York downtown jazz, Weather Report’s international feel and the heady cosmic geologies of countless Grateful Dead space excursions. --Richard Gehr, Relix, July, 2010

(re: Blur Joan)

“Soundwise, it is an eclectic and surprisingly alluring program that covers a variety of genres that, while certainly experimental, remains accessible. The group’s interest in the fusion of electric and acoustic touches is seen from the outset… Overall, a quirky--in a good way--outing from a group that is certainly charting its own course.” --Jay Collins, Cadence

“…solid musicianship and an admirable willingness to toss in whatever strikes their fancy.”
--Aaron Steinberg, Jazz Times

“Long-running Santa Barbara eclecto-jazz weirdoes Headless Household have simmered all their exotic flavors into a very palatable goulash called Blur Joan (Household Ink). Joe Woodard,Dick Dunlap and Tom Lackner really orchestrated this one, and with the help of brilliant friends (Dave Binney, Jim Connolly, Julie Christensen et al.), swing and waltz and reggae and sound effects unite — natural, warm and full of protein.” --Greg Burk, Los Angeles Weekly

--“Music this wildly diverse can never be properly marketed in this age of specialization, but that doesn’t make it any less extraordinary.” --Bill Milkowski, Tower Pulse magazine

--“Headless Household achieved regional cult status by the late 1990s, thanks to their quirky and eclectic kind of new music, their relentless live shows and a string of albums….” --All-Music Guide (www.allmusic.com)

Re: Basemento CD release concert at the Lobero Theatre, March 23, 2010:

“The audience for Friday night’s show was a great cross-section of the Santa Barbara art and music scene, and their reward for waiting a whole extra year for Headless Household’s 25th anniversary concert was the group’s best live performance in recent memory. Drawing primarily on material from their brand new double CD release, Basemento, the Household played 21 numbers over the course of two long sets, and earned a stormy standing ovation at the end of the night.
“Overall the vibe was great and the music eclectic enough to satisfy any head, household member or not.” –Charles Donelan, Santa Barbara Independent

“Let’s hope that Headless Household continues to celebrate its 25th anniversary like this for at least a few more years.” –Jeff Moehlis, Noozhawk

“This is a complex musical aggregation whose takes on various musical forms are fascinating. Each of the members is a solid professional -- a musician whose experience encompasses pop, jazz, classical, rock, and as-yet-undefined musical disciplines.” --Stanley Naftaly, Santa Barbara News-Press

--“Headless Household still seems to think that a mind is a terrible thing to waste..”
--Greg Burk, L.A. Weekly
Venue Information:
SOhO Restaurant and Music Club
1221 State Street
Santa Barbara, CA, 93101