Native Vibe

Native Vibe

Sun 10.21.18

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm


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This event is all ages

Native Vibe
Native Vibe
Native Vibe can best be described as a high energy, eclectic instrumental music group that blends Latin, African, Caribbean, Funk, Rock and Jazz styles. This unique band features soulful guitar melodies, intricate keyboard textures and is always percussion and drum driven. The Native Vibe crew will take you to exciting heights of intense jamming, then finesse you back down with seductive melodies and mood enhancing interludes. In the course of one concert you may hear the influences of salsa, cha cha cha, soukous, highlife, reggae, contemporary jazz and rock. The concept for this band originated in 1987 in San Diego, Ca by band leader Bill Macpherson. Bill was doing a Master's program at SDSU after graduating from the esteemed Berklee College of Music. He had been raised in the Congo by medical missionary parents and had been blessed to hear many African music styles there. As he began to form and compose for this band it was a natural extension to incorporate many world music influences. Personnel-wise Native Vibe has drawn from top musicians from the USA, France, Brazil, Venezuela, England, Mexico, Ghana, Benin, South Africa, Denmark and Camaroon. These musicians have contributed on both the recordings and live shows and the band has always sought to democratically reflect their individual talents. Bill recorded three solo CDs before arriving at the name Native Vibe with his then and long standing music partner Nee Sackey from Ghana, West Africa. As Native Vibe, they released six CDs, "Medicinal Purposes", "Spirits", "Mirage", "Luna de Nosara", "Toca Suave", and the latest CD entitled "Across the Globe". Native Vibe made it on the Grammy Ballot (pre-nominations) for "Best Contemporary Jazz Album". This was Native Vibe's second CD on the Grammy Ballot, the first cd was "Luna De Nosara". "Across the Globe" is spiced with jazz, african and latin flavors and has a great lineup such as Russel Ferrante, Mic Gillette, Nee Sackey, Luis Conte, Marcel Adjibi, Dave Curtis, Allan Phillips, Jason Hann, Rogerio Jardim, Jeff Kashiwa, Dayren Santamaria, Fabiana Passoni, Marion Meadows, Ramon Yslas and Kamau Kenyatta to name a few.
Venue Information:
SOhO Restaurant and Music Club
1221 State Street
Santa Barbara, CA, 93101