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Ages 21+
Whit's Chuck Wagon style dinner & campfire revival at SOhO!

DOORS: 7:00 PM // SHOW: 8:00 PM // AGES 21+


Hello SBMS Community! Happy Spring to you all!

I was talking to one of the other SBMS teachers and realizing that I've spent about 1300 days and nights on SBMS trips over my 40 years here; that's over 3 1/2 years of my life biking, backpacking, kayaking, laughing, camping and LIVING with all of you, and in many cases now, your children! What an amazing life opportunity it has been.

Last fall on the Morro Bay trip, after riding 33 miles and then helping with the cooking, I gathered my recording gear, guitar, and my chair for the campfire. I was playing my guitar at the fire, singing harmony with Marco Andrade, Daniel Lower, Emma Gonzalez, Jim Brady, and Jesse Wooten. At the same time, looking around at the fire at the faces of the students and the teachers sitting around the perimeter holding the space before them. We hit some great harmony on Seven Bridges Road, or Southern Cross, or One Tree Hill, I don't remember which song, but I felt my heart swell. I looked up at the eucalyptus trees framing the stars overhead, I saw this community that has continued to thrive for so long, and I had a shiver run through me, feeling that there was no place I'd rather be at that moment. Who gets to work somewhere for 40 years and still feel that way?!

This April 25 we're going to have our annual Alumni Reunion at Songfest, as usual, to which you are all welcome. Afterward, we're all going to Soho, and along with a group of alums turned professional musicians taking turns on the stage, we're going to all sit around the proverbial fire, share a few stories and sing our favorite songs together. No matter when you were a student at SBMS, there will be stories and songs that will pierce you and remind you too of the nights after a long day on the road with your school mates, the feeling of settling in at the fire next to a friend. Warmed by the flames and the surrounding voices, shared experience, camaraderie will return and I think you might experience a moment as I did, looking around, listening and allowing yourself to feel the universal life we have all shared, being aware of the incredibly unique path you experienced in junior high school, and possibly feel some awe and delight that this moment is happening for you once again.

Over and over I've heard from alumni, that when they run into another SBMS alum, even 10-20-30 years older or younger, the bond is there. You've all experienced the hard days, the joyful days, the pride and the friendship, the laughter, the times when you had to dig deep, it's a common bond among us all. This is your community. This is the place where you changed from a child to a young adult. This is going to be a moment in time when you can share those memories and feelings with the only ones who can ever begin to understand - other SBMS alumni.

You don't need to ride your bike to Soho, and there will be lots of food and drinks. I really hope you can come to join us and let your spirit recall all of the incredible feats you accomplished when you were young, see your old friends and former teachers and sing (or listen and enjoy) around the warmth of the SBMS fire with some of your people once again.

Shine on you Crazy Diamonds!


Venue Information:
1221 State St
Ste 205
Santa Barbara, CA, 93101