The Volt per Octaves w/ special guest Money Mark

The Volt Per Octaves

Trout Club, Dolores Coy

Ages 21+
Husband, Wife, Daughter, Moog, Theremin, Wurlitzer Trio with special guest (and Beastie Boys collaborator) Money Mark!

Nick Montoya and Anna Rhoney met in 1997 while freshman in high school. In 1998, Anna gave birth to future band member Eva Montoya. They formed The Volt per Octaves while living in Santa Barbara, California in 2004. Consisting of the now husband and wife team Nick and Anna Montoya (along with their analog sidekick Evatronic), the trio set out to bring Moog synthesizers back into the spotlight. They started their musical project in a day and age where multi-gigabyte samplers and laptop computers were ruling the electronic music scene, The VPOs have always been adamant about performing their original electronic music sans laptop. Bob Moog's vision was for his his instruments to be used in live performance to create sounds that were like no other sounds that came before! The name they chose The Volt per Octaves (or The Volt/Octs) is a direct reference to the genius of Dr. Robert A. Moog, inventor of the Moog synthesizer.

The family has released four studio albums since 2006, frequently featuring other collaborators such as Dr. G Bernard "Bernie" Worrell of Parliament/Funkadelic & Talking Heads, Roger Manning Jr and Brian Kehew of Moog Cookbook, Ross Harris of Sukia & Dj Me Dj You and many more.

Venue Information:
1221 State St
Ste 205
Santa Barbara, CA, 93101