Presented by ENT Legends & We The Beat



Ages 18+
Los Angeles neo-soul trio returns to Santa Barbara, supporting their new album 'Little Ghost.' — out now!

DOORS: 7:00 PM // SHOW: 8:00 PM // AGES 18+

Opening set from Kiefer

Presented by ENT Legends + We The Beat


Moonchild is a combination of three independent, strong-willed spirits—Amber Navran [vocals, tenor saxophone, flute, keyboards, synth bass, drum programming], Andris Mattson [trumpet, flugelhorn, keyboards, synth bass, guitar, drum programming], and Max Bryk [alto saxophone, clarinet, keyboards, synth bass, drum programming]. The resulting union yields an ever-evolving fusion of alternative R&B and neo-soul. For as singular as each personality may be, they all participate equally in writing, producing, tracking, and mixing their records, collaborating as true equal partners. Not only do they create as a unit, but they also evolve, grow, and transform as one.

Venue Information:
1221 State St
Ste 205
Santa Barbara, CA, 93101